About Sister Zozo

I'm so proud to be an owner of a Sister Zozo painting, it is the focal point of our dining room. It brightens the entire room and brings colour and serenity at once. 

Doris, Singapore

Very blessed to have a Sister Zozo painting in our home. Thank you for the special effort you took to understand what we wanted and to bring out our thoughts and emotions through the paintings. The paintings have very special meanings in our hearts.

Laetitia, Singapore

Sister Zozo really took the time to look at our space and ask us questions about what we liked. The result was not just one but 2 amazing custom-made paintings. We couldn’t be happier, she really nailed it!

Els, Belgium

Sister Zozo takes pride in delivering a piece that is unique and finished to perfection. We are proud to be owners of a beautiful painting that brings sunshine and positivity in our living room. An absolute highlight of our home!

Kelly and Tom, Belgium

I love my Sister Zozo painting because it evokes a wonderful mood and harmony into my space. It's a character, which brings my room together!

I Love it 

Alexa, Belgium

How to buy Sister Zozo paintings?

You are invited to browse through available paintings and choose the one you like. If you have something specific in mind, contact me to discuss a commissioned order. Don't be shy to get in touch and request to see my paintings live and visit my studio in Singapore.

All prices are in US dollars. 

I offer free delivery in Singapore. Any painting can be shipped overseas in a cardboard box or wooden crate. Some paintings can be taken off the frame to be shipped in a tube (cost-effective). Read more on Worldwide shipping and rates. 

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