Commissioned Orders

If you are looking at a commissioned order, this is how it usually works with Sister Zozo. I also posted three stories of three different commissioned orders below. 

Step one: You check which paintings and styles of mine you like. May be you have an idea of a size of a painting or a space for this painting, maybe not yet.

Step two: Please contact me to discuss this. I will ask you guiding questions to refine your idea, propose options and scope the work. If you are in Singapore, I can come to your place. 

Step 3: If we go ahead with the order, we agree on the timeline and sign a contract. I charge 50% deposit to start the work. 

Step 4: I start to work on your painting. Depending on the idea, scope and style I may or may not suggest to offer you sketches. 

Step 5: Once I finished the painting and you are happy with it, I charge the remaining 50%. If you are in Singapore, the delivery is free. Otherwise packing and shipment is charged separately. Any painting can be shipped overseas.

I can provide contacts of a trusted service to hang the painting professionally (especially relevant for large pieces). 

Thank you and don't hesitate to contact me to discuss. 

A story of Laetitia and a commissioned order in Singapore. 

Laetitia contacted me saying she has been following my Instagram for 9 months and finally decided she wants to order a painting for her living room. 

I came to see her place and listen to what she had in mind. I have been asking questions and through a long conversation we figured, that she  wanted a piece of 2 meters with the main subject of water. It had to be dynamic, with distinct energy and peaceful presence at the same time. Her husband also wanted a Christian touch, a symbol somewhere. She told me she liked The Orange Mountain for it's energy and deep blue colour palette. 

We signed a contract and I provided three sketches of different subjects, we discussed them and refined the idea. I created a fourth sketch which led to these Duo called The Spirit. The entire order took 6 weeks. 

A story of Els and Dries and a commissioned order in Belgium. 

Els contacted me to commission a painting to be a centrepiece of their large living room. She liked abstract expressionism style of the Dreams Of The Sea , she also liked structured paintings with thick layers of paint and bold brush strokes like The First Light. Els also knew she didn't want something literal, but more abstract. 

This is how The Music of The Sea was born.

During the process Els and Dris also got tempted by The Yellow Boat and decided to order it for the room of their child. 

A story of Carolina and Ivan and a commissioned order flying to Colombia. 

Ivan and Caro live in Bogota (Colombia). They contacted me as they wanted a large painting next to their dining table with a subject related to travel and imagination.

We spoke and they looked through all the seascapes of mine and liked the Yellow Boat. They showed me pictures of their latest travel experiences and asked me to customize it slightly for them based on what I saw. I added tropical fish from their latest travel to Thailand and The Philippines. That's how their Yellow Boat was born. 

We shipped the painting in a tube as it's more cost effective. Once their received it, they brought it to a local framer. Here it is in their dining room in Bogota.